Public Service Announcement From the Real Men Of The World

I got some very interesting answers to my “real man” question yesterday on Instagram…99% of women who responded said something about real men “chasing” them so on behalf of us real men here is my response…

To me the concept that a man needs to constantly “chase” his woman to keep her is ridiculous. Real men don’t want to have to chase you. A real man is secure enough to know his worth. Will we go above and beyond to keep you, yes… but only if you’re WORTH KEEPING and you reciprocate the desire to keep us. You can’t be a shit human who doesn’t take care of themselves, isn’t kind, and doesn’t bring anything to the table and expect a real man to just chase you and lay at your feet. Sorry not the way it works. Be a person of quality, love yourself, and have the desire to level your man up… you’d be surprised to find that every guy ISN’T “the same”

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