Have you ever had a “gut feeling”? Either that, sick to your stomach “I know something isn’t right” feeling or the “Butterfly” type of feeling?

These are the effects of neurochemicals inside our bodies! The one that gives us that “gut feeling” is Serotonin.

A short overview of Serotonin

Serotonin or 5-hydroxytryptamine, is biochemically derived from tryptophan. About 90% of our entire bodies total serotonin is located in the GI tract! Or in lay terms… in our guts! Serotonin is the neurotransmitter responsible for making you who you are at any given time by regulation of mood(that’s huge!!), sleep, and appetite.

Now past the science there are some very interesting things that happen when you come in contact with a person, place, or situation that isn’t good for “who you are right now”

When we get the gut feeling it can be categorized into two separate distinct feelings.

  1. Sick to your stomach
  2. Butterflies

It’s a bit more complicated than this but it can be simplified to a point in saying that when you feel sick to your stomach, empty, anxious and confused, that is our bodies way of telling us that whatever situation you are in is WRONG for who you are right now.

The butterfly, weightless, tingly, overall “good” feeling that we get is our bodies way of telling us YES go that way. Do those things. Be with that person!

The chemistry of it all gets complicated but if you just listen to your body. Listen to your gut! Your Gut is ALIVE. Filled with good bacteria, bad bacteria, and SEROTONIN. Listen to that little voice from your gut. Don’t allow your brain or your heart to skew the feeling based on cognitive bias.

Simply put our brains lie. Due to cognitive bias. (I am doing a whole write-up on this subject to be posted at a later date!)

Our Heart is an idiot/masochist That will do everything in it’s power to convince the brain to keep us in our safe and familiar space.

Your gut can’t lie. Listen to it. Block out the nonsense your brain and your heart say and I promise you will be surprised at how your life will start to change.  Your gut will automatically push away toxicity.  And it will automatically pull anything it deems as good for us in by giving us that butterfly, weightless, reward.

Are you listening to your gut? Or are you letting your brain and your heart trick you into staying in a toxic situation.

The first step in following your gut is BRUTAL SELF HONESTY.


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