It’s 4am. You’re laying on a bed with someone. Lights are on. You are completely visible. The thoughts are flowing out of your mouth faster than you can think of what you are even saying. You have your insecurities but for some reason they all melt away in this moment. You aren’t thinking about the scars on your body, the mess in your brain, or the marks on your soul. You feel completely comfortable in this space. The other someone’s eyes are looking intently into yours as if they want to know everything there is to know about you right this second. You aren’t pondering anything outside of this space. Not on your job, your friends, past, or future… you are completely present. Your walls come crumbling down into dust in this person’s intense and intent gaze. There you are, completely vulnerable. You don’t say it but it’s burned into the back of your brain… This is a feeling of intense belonging and acceptance.It’s a feeling of being completely open, completely comfortable, and you begin to accept your “flaws” and in this instance they become another one of your strengths.

If you find this feeling no matter if it’s by yourself, with another, or multiple people. Don’t take it for granted. It’s a rarity. And the second most addictive feeling our bodies chemistry can concoct.

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