Self Sabotage


Imagine this; you find yourself in a situation or meeting someone that seems extremely great… dare I say perfect… you’re trying to figure out how this is so good, what you did to deserve something this good. You start waiting for the “other shoe to drop”. You start looking for things that are wrong. You start over analyzing. Overthinking. Focusing on the negative. You end up seeing so many things you “don’t like” that you push the person or situation away and essentially end something that could have potentially been amazing for you… DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR??

This, my friends, is self sabotage.

Most of the time if not EVERY TIME, this self sabotage is based on your own insecurities!

Either from past experience or projection.

Something to remember about past experiences. THEY ARE IN THE PAST! Do not forget them. but understand that this situation or this person is NOT those other people. Once you understand that and see this person or situation for what they are you can move past the urge to put someone else’s failures on this current person.  Simply put… LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT!!

Now on to projection… ah my favorite insecurity. Projection in a nutshell is you yourself projecting what is wrong with you onto someone else. For example, If you are cheating on your partner you are way more likely to accuse your parter of cheating… not because you have any evidence of it, but because YOU YOURSELF are the problem. The only way to beat projection and stop putting your own issues onto someone else is to accept the fact that you have issues. Brutal self honesty. Most of the time our ego will lie to ourselves and justify the things we do based on false pretense. BRUTAL SELF HONESTY. See what is wrong with you, then actively change it. The cool thing about being a human being is we can literally change what we are doing and who we are at any moment. If you are a piece of shit… you can literally wake up tomorrow and say, “you know what, I’m not going to be a piece of shit anymore…” And the last key is to follow through. Actions speak in a way words never could. CHANGE YOUR ACTIONS and CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better.

Don’t give up on something due to your own insecurities. Accept them. OWN THEM. Make positive change and start living the life you deserve.

KNOW YOUR WORTH and accept nothing less!


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