Fair-Weather Friends


Have you ever noticed that some people are only around when times are good?

Ever notice when your life is rainy they are no where to be seen?

These people will smile to your face, ask for advice, use your shoulder when they need to cry and your ear when they need to vent.

But as soon as the slightest cloud or dark spot arises in your life they seem to disappear.

As I get older I am noticing more and more that there are far more fair-weather friends than true friends.

I’m not just talking about my personal experience but from what I’ve seen of my friends, “friends”

Always disappearing or “unavailable” when they are truly needed.

We are so blinded these days by social media, and the way society acts. We lost the art of conversation, real conversation, to getting little dopamine kicks every-time we get a “like”. Do you think the person liking your content would really have your back in a difficult situation? Take a step back from fake online friendships and work on the ones that are there everyday.

In my opinion a true friend is someone that has no motive. True friends stand by each other through the battles, pick each other up when they are down.

Real friends don’t judge you, mock you, or speak ill of you behind your back. I see it so much these days, no respect or loyalty. And people wonder why relationships fail…

Apparently we can’t even be friends anymore… food for thought. Ask yourself… are you a fair-weather friend? Would you truly be there for those you consider friends no matter what? Would YOU trust you and count on you? Be honest with yourself. And be a real friend.

1 real friend is worth 1000 fake, fair-weather, friendships.




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